Promotional Offer

The Program: This is an amazing opportunity for YOU to experience the excitement and feeling of accomplishment when you have succeeded in learning to speak and to understand a foreign language. From the moment that you begin the course you will be so happy that you registered for the Survival Language Course”. 
An overview of the  Course: 
  •  The course is comprised of TWELVE – ONE hour lessons
  • We provide this program to travel agents,  the Cruise-Ship industry, corporate executives and colleges offering Hospitality and Tourism Programs.
  •  The “Survival Language Course”  is guaranteed to make you “culturally sensitive and language comfortable” .

The Promotion: 

  •  All clients will receive Twelve Hours of on-line instruction with a professional teacher.
  • You will receive a CD in the language of your choice enabling you to practise between lessons.
  • You will receive  a Pocket-Sized booklet that you can take when traveling. 
  •  Lessons 11 and 12 will focus on Cultural information, history, music, art, landmarks, snipits of TV News, weather, game shows, restaurants, hotels, hostels, pensiones, places to visit, historical figures, night life, shopping and much, much more.  This section is simply exciting!  
  • For this promotion, the languages available are (Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese).


  • You must have a computer with speakers and/or headphones and a microphone (built-in or external.
  • A good internet connection.
  • Don’t forget, there is two way communication between the clients and the teacher and the other clients.  This interaction is proven to be an asset in learning more quickly.

Final Instructions:

  • Complete the registration form and make your payment as instructed.
  • LanguageXpressUSA operates lessons on EST.   
  • The CD and pocket-booklet are mailed USPS. 

Complete cost for this Promotional Program is $110.00.  Register today!

NO Fees, NO hidden costs, NO contract.  One Charge of $110.00 – that’s it!