Our CEO, Dr. Gerald J.  Luongo is offering a FREE On-line LESSON.  YES, totally FREE!  You can  learn for yourself that “The Conversational Method” works in learning a language.  Let’s face the facts, we have been using this method for the past 35 wonderful years, teaching languages in our school located in Boca Raton, Florida to individuals ages 6 through 96.  What more can be said?  The “Conversational Method” really works.  If ever there were a time to take advantage of a great FREE OFFER this is it.

Dr.Luongo’s Pledge to you about this promotion!

  1. There will be NO sales pitch before, during or after the lesson.
  2. There is NO obligation on the part of the Client to purchase anything.
  3. There will be NO follow-up phone calls to sell you anything.
  4. There will be only ONE Promotional Lesson per client permitted and that is filtered by your email address.
  5. There will be a select number of languages available for the FREE PROMOTION.

You will need to:

  1.  …..have a good Internet connection and of course, the computer needs speakers and a microphone.
  2.  … complete the form included, get it back to us, and then you’ll be hearing from us as to your schedule.
  3. …..there is a definite need to enjoy yourself and to learn that you too can speak a foreign language.