The LXP Program


There are no long term contracts.  There is however, a minimum of  FIVE- ONE  hour lessons required for the following reasons:
    • The Client needs a reasonable amount of exposure to the basics of the language to determine his/her degree of interest.
      • The Client can make a decision as to whether or not another language may  be of more interest.
      • A client change his/her mind about a language at ant time.  There is no penalty or fee at LXP!

The LanguageXpressUSA program provides several critical and essential learning components not available on ‘apps’ or ‘boxed programs’:

    1. An auditory and visual connection which is  essential in learning  “correct pronunciation”.
    2. The client has the added benefit of a LIVE TEACHER making suggestions and corrections immediately.
    3. The client can ask the teacher questions and get  answers.  APPS’ and Boxed programs cannot do that!

In scheduling  lesson times, remember FIVE Lessons, ONE hour each week to start.  And yes, as you progress the number of lessons each week may be increase if you choose.   If the client needs to cancel a lesson  Please call in advance.  We  can assist you in rescheduling your LESSON.  561-368-8788 .

  • You may schedule as many lessons in advance as you wish.  
  • Lesson materials are emailed to the registered client(s) each week.
  • The lesson schedule operates on Eastern time.

Take a minute and compare time zones: 

If it’s 1:50 pm EST then it’s 12:50 pm CST,  and 11:50 am MST and 10:50 am PST: Lessons available Monday thru Sunday, 7AM – 10 PM on the hour. 
Clients’ are notified by email of days when lessons are cancelled well in advance.   

The current listing of languages are found in the form below.  Interested in a language not listed, contact us