Professional Translation Service

LanguageXpressUSA is certified to provide complete Translation Services                                   

  •  service is available for ALL languages.
  •  personal documents:  letters, family treasures, the family history, diplomas and degrees, awards, etc.
  •  legal documents: marriage certificates, divorce decrees, child custody, wills and estates, immigration documents, disposition of court cases, bankruptcy, death certificates, and other such technical documents requiring 100% accuracy.
  • All work performed by LanguageXpressUSA is certified to be 100% accurate, notarized and signed by the translator.
  • If corrections are necessary, there is NEVER a charge at LanguageXpressUSA. 
  • Over 35 years in the business of Languages, we have a network of translators from around the globe.
    •  Information: call 561-368-8788 and ask for Mrs. Constance Paladino.

Interpreter Service Available

We offer a comprehensive Interpreter Service in ALL languages

  • Simultaneous interpreting services by phone, video conferencing and at the on-site facility of the client as requested.  
  • Our  Professional interpreters are certified for:
    • depositions, court appearances, bail hearings, criminal and civil matters and estate hearings.
    • conferences, colleges and universities, corporations and International meetings.
  • Given the critical nature of hiring the appropriate Professional Interpreter, LanguageXpressUSA requires that the interested party discusses their specific needs by telephone.  Following this initial preliminary contact, a scope of the detailed services will be prepared with a quote as to the cost of said services for review by the client.  There is NO COST for this service.
  • Once the quote for the work has been accepted and the appropriate agreement signed and returned with a 25% deposit, only then will there be a binding contract in place between LanguageXpressUSA and the client.
    •  Information: Call 561-368-8788 and ask for Mrs. Constance Paladino

Why the “Conversational Approach”?

  1. The ”Conversational Approach” is a unique method of teaching a foreign language.  
  2. Teachers who commit to this method of instruction are carefully trained in the approach.  
  3. The method, once mastered by the teacher who is then certified, eclipses any other of the many methods used in the teaching of languages.
  4. Exit interviews in colleges and schools throughout the nation, clearly indicate that the “drilling” of students on vocabulary and grammar taught out of context with no application to the speaking of the language, is the one overwhelming reason for students “dropping out”. 
  5. Studies have proven that we learn by listening, repeating, understanding and refining.  This is an innate “natural process”.
  6. Further studies have demonstrated that a child born into a bi-lingual or tri-lingual speaking family will learn the languages spoken in the home and, over the years, will refine those languages, speaking with ease as though a native speaker.  
  7. This is a “natural” or “innate” ability in each one of us that when awakened, there is NO limit to what we can learn! 

Why is the program so successful?

  •  At LanguageXpressUSA, we USE the language to TEACH the language.
  • We DO NOT  teach ABOUT the language as is the case with many language schools and the vast majority of packaged programs.
  • Your speaking skills improve exponentially as you progress through your lessons.
  • If you are committed to learning a language and follow the path that LanguageXpressUSA develops for you, there is NO LIMIT to what you will achieve.  
  • Given our 35 successful years of using this program in our school, we know what what works!

Virtual Learning. How does it Work?

  1. Our On-line, real-time, virtual program provides the opportunity for you to learn a language in the comfort of your home, office or wherever the Internet may take you. 
  2. Once you have registered for classes and a time and day have been scheduled, you are sent an email that reminds you about your lesson.  Your are provided a”link” to your classroom.  
  3. By simply clicking on that link say 10 minutes before the class begins, you will be taken to your classroom, sign in and wait for the teacher to welcome you.
  4. The teacher and the student(s) can see and hear one another. The teacher can provide videos, use a whiteboard and other visuals to assist the student(s) in learning the exciting and creative lesson that has been planned. 
  5. At times, individuals forget or are late to class.  Given that situation students must be cognizant of the fact that classes are ONE-Hour in length and lost time cannot be made-up.  (with advanced notice, rescheduling MAY be possible)
  6. If a language that interests you is NOT listed below, contact us and every effort will be made to accommodate your request.            

         Arabic,  English ESL,  French,  German,  Hebrew,  Italian,  Mandarin Chinese,  Portuguese,  Russian,  Spanish,  Accent Reduction. (we also have available 10 other languages).