Type B

Professional Translation Service

LanguageXpressUSA is certified to provide complete Translation Services                                   

  •  service is available for ALL languages.
  •  personal documents:  letters, family treasures, the family history, diplomas and degrees, awards, etc.
  •  legal documents: marriage certificates, divorce decrees, child custody, wills and estates, immigration documents, disposition of court cases, bankruptcy, death certificates, and other such technical documents requiring 100% accuracy.
  • All work performed by LanguageXpressUSA is certified to be 100% accurate, notarized and signed by the translator.
  • If corrections are necessary, there is NEVER a charge at LanguageXpressUSA. 
  • Over 35 years in the business of Languages, we have a network of translators from around the globe.
    •  Information: call 561-368-8788 and ask for Mrs. Constance Paladino.