Learning Guaranteed

Speak the Language from the very first lesson

“You tried to learn a foreign language and you didn’t succeed!  It wasn’t you.  It was the methodology.   

You learned your native  language by listening and speaking.  Not analyzing the language! 


At  LanguageXpressUSA,  you will learn to  speak your new language by the “Conversational  Approach”.  Speaking the  language to learn the language. 

That’s our Methodology!   It works and you will begin speaking your new language from the very first  lesson. 


Question?  Why do so many people give up trying to learn a language with apps?”
    Answer:  “You need a professional teacher.  Learning is an interactive process.”   

So why is LanguageXpressUSA the answer?

  1. As you begin to interact with the teacher by listening, speaking, and then repeating and developing conversation, you will develop  fluency.
  2. As you begin to embrace and to assimilate with the language you will gain the confidence in speaking the language.
  3.  When you have a teacher  working with you, the learning process is  more thorough and efficient because learning is interactive.
  4. The Conversational Approach was developed, tested and proven to be  exceptional in the linguistic labs at Ohio State University and UCLA. 
  5. Teachers must be certified to teach this  Methodology.  All LanguageXpressUSA teachers are fully certified.
  6. LanguageXpressUSA is owned and operated by educators.  Not profit driven big business.
Why do Doctors recommend learning a Foreign Language?

          • A factor in better brain development.
          •  Keeps the brain active.
          • Improves multitasking skills.
          • Increases  attention to detail.
          • Offsets problems with memory loss.
          • Provide an incentive to learn something new.
……..and here are some interesting facts to share with your family and friends:
  • 93% of Spanish and Portuguese speaking people are tri-lingual.
  • 52% of people from the mid-east, Europe and Asia are bi-lingual.
  • 18% of Americans can only speak one language in addition to English.