Now you can learn to speak a new language

Have you always thought about speaking another language?  Perhaps you tried other methods and didn’t succeed.  Too much memorization of vocabulary and those dreaded grammar rules and even  after a year, you could not speak or understand the language.  It wasn’t you, it was the methodology that the instructor used. 
LanguageXpressUSA teaches a language by using the “Conversational Method” , the same method that enabled you to learn your native language while growing up! 
  • By hearing the language in everyday situations and interacting with it, you begin to develop a command of the language through LISTENING and SPEAKING it. 
  • As you begin to embrace and assimilate the language you will be able to speak it with a near-native accent, making minor adjustments to fine-tune the grammar concerns. 
  • Yes, it is that basic when you approach learning a new language step by step using the Conversational Approach developed in the linguistic labs at Ohio State University and UCLA and taught by fully certified LanguguageXpressUSA teachers.
And learning a language provides additional proven benefits and that is why educators nationwide and in other countries introduce students to languages at the elementary level. 
  • A factor in better brain development and keeping the brain active.
  • Improves your multi-tasking skills.
  • Increases your attention to detail.
  • Provides many more employment opportunities.
  • Allows you to immerse yourself in a new and exciting culture.
  • Travel to other places around the world with confidence and self-reliance.
  • Discover your roots and experience the language of your ancestors.
and here are some interesting facts to impress your family and friends:
  • 93% of Spanish and Portuguese speaking people are tri-lingual.
  • 52% of people from the mid-east, Europe and Asia are bi-lingual.
  • 18% of Americans can only speak one language in addition to English.